It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and while we’re busy basting turkeys and flipping through Black Friday ads, we should all take a moment to be thankful for eLearning.

Wait…you weren’t thinking being thankful for eLearning? That’s weird.

eLearning provides a lot of wonderful benefits that we really should celebrate. Let’s look at a few specific examples of those benefits so you know what to discuss at the dinner table this week. Reasons to be Thankful for eLearning

Beautiful, Tech-Friendly Training

Thanks to interactive features and smart graphic design, eLearning makes training a fascinating, engaging training experience. It factors in learning psychology and adult motivators for learning to create a perfect blend of practicality and fun. Think about this: We’ve all sat in stale, mandatory training sessions that we only complete because we are legally required to do so. But thanks to eLearning, we get to participate in the learning experience—and when it’s done right—it’s even entertaining. Thanks, eLearning!

Environmentally Friendly

eLearning saves the trees! No, seriously. It does. Because eLearning is conducted in an online setting, it save on printing hard copy materials, travel to on-site sessions, and energy costs associated with space rental. Whether you’re a tree-hugger or you just hate seeing waste, going green with eLearning is something worth celebrating.

Superhero Powers

You probably didn’t realize Ant Man and eLearning have a few things in common, did you? Guess what—they do! From being tech-savvy, to allowing people to communicate on different levels, to having an incredible ability to shrink and expand, eLearning gives organizations the chance to harness super human capabilities. Now that’s something to be thankful for.

Train Millennials

Speaking of superpowers—eLearning makes it easy to train Millennial employees. By tapping into their love for technology, eLearning courses allow young team members to self-pace, test drive concepts, interact with peers, and get feedback they so desperately need. Bet you wish you had some eLearning for getting them to talk to you at the dinner table on Thanksgiving…

Incorporates Emotion

Thanksgiving is kind of an emotional time of year—you get all misty-eyed thinking about all of the good things you’re thankful for…and the next thing you know you’re choked up while making the mashed potatoes. eLearning uses emotions in all different aspects—from the development process to motivation during completion. Thanks, eLearning, for helping us get emotional sometimes.

Be Thankful for eLearning

Okay, okay…you might not talk about an amazing eLearning course over dinner—we get it. But keep it in mind the next time you’re facing a training obstacle and you need a creative approach. You’ll be thankful you did.