Meet Tim Buteyn

Tim Buteyn, President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, has been in the training and instructional design field for almost 20 years. He founded the company because of his passion for creating engaging learning experiences. Adult learning theory, instructional design, innovative instructional strategies, and accelerated learning concepts have driven him to create ThinkingKap Learning Solutions.

One of the main reasons for starting ThinkingKap Learning was to add a higher level of engagement to training. Corporate training is notoriously boring! Can you blame a student for not retaining information when they’d rather be a million miles away? Of course not! ThinkingKap Learning was founded with the mission of making corporate training engaging and entertaining so students naturally absorb the material. In this way, our training delivers values and brings an instant return on investment.

Having spent over 10 years successfully customizing and delivering a wide range of cutting-edge training programs across all levels of companies, Tim has the experience necessary to lead the team that makes you corporate training program a success.

He is known as an effective communicator and has worked with all levels of management and staff. Having designed global training solutions for companies all over the world, he has developed an acute sensitivity to multicultural teams and cultures.

Great educators aren’t just born. He’s worked hard to develop hi skills. A BA in Psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University has helped Tim to understand how to best motivate adult students. A Certificate in Instructional Design provided the latest theories in the areas of eLearning, Curriculum Development, and Instructional Design that are used to ensure courses are relevant, interesting and engaging. A Masters in Education with a focus on eLearning from the University of Illinois gave a solid educational foundation that is used to turn the most complex subjects into simple to understand and fun programs that students find enchanting yet educational.

ThinkingKap Learning Solutions is the culmination of many years within the learning industry. There is a personal stake in each project we work on together because our clients’ success is our success.