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ThinkingKap is a leader in instructional design services

Our wide range of professionally designed and developed training solutions enable your business to meet critical business objectives that improve organizational performance and the bottom line.

Training Solutions

eLearning Design and Development

ThinkingKap Learning’s innovative professional training techniques engage students and provide them with realistic, problem-based scenarios that allow them to understand the material more thoroughly.

Our program development is customized for each client. We can work off your existing content or alongside your in-house subject matter expert to create compelling training content. No Subject Matter Expert? No problem! We can design content without an SME by utilizing our previous experience and research skills.

Rapid eLearning Development is our specialty! We create tailored online learning solutions using tools like Captivate and Articulate and others. Our self-paced courseware is infused with current adult learning theory. We always strive to make even the dullest subject matter interesting and fun. Our programs are designed for the highest level of comprehension. When students finish our programs, they can immediately put their newfound knowledge to use in the real world.

Existing Courseware

eLearning has become more and more popular due to its ability for broader dissemination and lower delivery costs. Converting your existing courseware to eLearning is a fantastic way to achieve the benefits of eLearning. However, a simple conversion is not enough. Using the same learning techniques for classroom as online doesn’t work. When dealing with online material, it’s important that the material is designed to be engaging in an online environment.

ThinkingKap Learning brings the expertise that recognizes the different requirements of each approach. We truly convert the content so it can live on its own and engage an online audience. You can rest assured your traditional training programs will achieve a renewed and successful life online.

Facilitated Training

Despite the benefits of eLearning there are some courses and topics that are simply better facilitated by an instructor. ThinkingKap Learning designs instructor led training and course material. We also specialize in the development and presentation of Webinars.

Whether the training is conducted in-person or LIVE online, ThinkingKap Learning can design the courseware and/or train the trainer. If your organization doesn’t have trainers available, we also provide experienced trainers. ThinkingKap Learning makes facilitated training easy!

Blended Learning Approach

Sometimes the best approach is a combination of several strategies. Blended Learning takes the best of face-to-face and eLearning strategies. ThinkingKap Learning has created many programs that utilize both facilitated training and eLearning to create a unique learning experience. Blended Learning allows companies to leverage the benefits of a discussion-based, face to face, facilitated learning experience with a more scalable eLearning solution.


ThinkingKap Learning Solutions offers customized consulting services to organizations both domestic and international. Whether your organization lacks an in-house training department or you are simply looking to tap an external expert to help strategize the best curriculum solutions and create training programs, ThinkingKap Learning can help!

ThinkingKap Learning provides specialized expertise no matter your training needs. You see, we aren’t just corporate trainers! ThinkingKap Learning understands project management, information technology and budgetary concerns.

Ultimately, ThinkingKap Learning’s consulting services will help you change the way your organization produces, manages and delivers learning programs. Our team sets out to identify your current learning processes and systems. Once fully understood and documented, we provide you with the knowledge, data and tools necessary to make the best decisions for your organizations unique needs.

We offer guidance and experience to help your organization optimally develop and deliver learning solutions that will positively affect your organization and your individual employees.

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Tim is not only personable, but ThinkingKap Learning Solutions has great knowledge of the tools they work with and they work to make sure the fine details are addressed. ThinkingKap can definitely get you moving in the right direction, and offer you great success in your project development.

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