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ThinkingKap Learning fights boring by using the latest strategies and learning technologies to develop true learning solutions for our clients. We develop and deliver training programs that enrich companies and empower employees. Our objective is to provide a wide spectrum of educational programs that are global, encouraging and inspiring.

Does your eLearning sound like a lecture? It doesn't have to!

Introducing Interactive Conversations, self-paced eLearning that feels like a conversation.
  • Responds to meaningful learner choices
  • Remembers learner's previous decisions
  • Analyzes learner's responses to customize their journey
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Corporate Training Consulting

Customized consulting services to organizations both domestic and international. Whether your organization lacks an in-house training department or you are simply looking to tap an external expert to help strategize the best curriculum solutions and create training programs, ThinkingKap Learning can help!


Instructional Design Solutions

ThinkingKap starts every design project envisioning what success looks like by ensuring we have clear learning objectives. Our design strategies help connect the dots between the knowledge they need and when they need it, in a manner that’s adapted for their context.


eLearning Development

Our seven-step process starts with a discovery phase in which we analyze your needs. We build, prototype, evaluate, and improve the training until you have a tested, relevant, and contextualized course.



We love the challenge of applying the principles of awesome training to new languages and cultures. As with designing any course, localization is all about carefully planning. We’ll work with you to adjust the English so that it is appropriate for the intended audience in terms of content.


Course Conversions

For training to succeed, the structure and content must fit the medium in which they’re delivered. Making that transition is what course conversion is all about. We isolate the narrative and engagement strategies at the heart of your training and adapt them as needed for delivery in a new technology.


Instructor-Led Training

ThinkingKap is here to help you navigate the ILT waters and develop facilitated learning that will stand the test of time. We help develop media that provides context, demonstrates best practice behavior and reinforces specific skills.


Blended Learning

Our configurations allow you to establish competency without wasting instructor time on basics and making the most of your time. We make sure instructor time is used only when it’s critical, and structuring the rest of your courses in various mediums.


Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is a versatile and fast growing training space that is driving all sorts of innovation and customization. Strategically designed to operate within a mobile environment: a large and clean interface, intuitive progression between steps, and graphical presentation that doesn't rely on narration.


Interactive Conversations

Interactive Conversations, eLearning that feels like a conversation.


Our Process

At ThinkingKap, we view learner engagement as our primary objective and a predictor of successful training. We start with the end in mind and recommend instructional strategies to ensure learners experience a meaningful connection with the content.