About the Company

ThinkingKap Learning Solutions’ mission is to combat mind-numbing corporate training programs with an arsenal of high energy, engaging, powerful training techniques that impact students and the bottom line alike! Think about it, the only thing worse than sitting through a boring training program is having students retain nothing from those programs! ThinkingKap Learning fights boring by using the latest strategies and learning technologies to develop true learning solutions for our clients. We develop and deliver training programs that enrich companies and empower employees. Our objective is to provide a wide… Learn More

About the President

Tim Buteyn, President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions has been in the training and instructional design field for almost 20 years. He founded the company because of his passion for creating engaging learning experiences. Adult learning theory, instructional design, innovative instructional strategies, and accelerated learning concepts have driven him to create ThinkingKap Learning Solutions. One of the main reasons for starting ThinkingKap Learning was to add a higher level of engagement to training. Corporate training is notoriously boring! Can you blame a student for not retaining information when they’d rather be… Learn More