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ThinkingKap Learning Solutions’ mission is to combat mind-numbing corporate training programs with an arsenal of high energy, engaging, powerful training techniques that impact students and the bottom line alike! Think about it, the only thing worse than sitting through a boring training program is having students retain nothing from those programs! ThinkingKap Learning fights boring by using the latest strategies and learning technologies to develop true learning solutions for our clients. We develop and deliver training programs that enrich companies and empower employees. Our objective is to provide a wide spectrum of educational programs that are global, encouraging and inspiring. When you come right down to it, ThinkingKap Learning realizes that the most effective training courses are those that involve the learner in relevant, engaging real world scenarios and not just testing learners’ tenacity to stay focused and on task.

Corporate Training Concepts that evolve and expand to meet your dynamic business need.

Corporate education concepts are continually evolving and we believe in staying current on the latest learning technologies. Yes, we are continually educating ourselves on the most current methodologies and techniques because we are committed to staying on the forefront of the industry. Our own need to continually educate ourselves is how we are able to integrate the latest solutions and technologies into your business strategies and corporate environment!

When it comes to industries we’ve helped, the list goes on and on. We’ve developed content for technology companies, software, healthcare, food, insurance, pharmacy/pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and finance. Programs for these industries include eLearning, In-Person classroom training as well as strategies that combine the best of both approaches to create a truly blended learning solution.

ThinkingKap Learning believes that successful learning is engaging, interesting and fun. Only when students are interacting and enjoying the content will they make the connections that are needed for long term understanding and absorption. We also believe in a high standard of excellence. Our values of honesty and integrity allow us to forge strong relationships and commitment to our clients. Couple that with the results that we provide through our innovative training programs and you have the making for a beautiful friendship.

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Tim ButeynTim Buteyn, President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, has been in the training and instructional design field for almost 20 years. He founded the company because of his passion for creating engaging learning experiences. Adult learning theory, instructional design, innovative instructional strategies, and accelerated learning concepts have driven him to create ThinkingKap Learning Solutions.

Tim is not only personable, but ThinkingKap Learning Solutions has great knowledge of the tools they work with and they work to make sure the fine details are addressed. ThinkingKap can definitely get you moving in the right direction, and offer you great success in your project development.

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