I already have a training department, what do I need ThinkingKap for?

We’d be the first to champion the advantages of a strong in-house training department. But one thing we see again and again is how much pressure training departments are under to perform and produce training that not only implements learning goals but also satisfies the demands of management and, at the same time, justifies the very existence of the training team itself. No pressure!

Words like “outsourcing” might sound scary to your existing training team and are often a touchy subject. Don’t worry, we don’t want to take anyone’s job. We can back up your training team with fresh outside opinions, business solutions and outsourcing services that can free-up your training department’s bandwidth so they can accomplish more.


eLearning Solutions

Instructional Design

Course Conversions

Instructor-Led Learning Solutions

Blended Learning Solutions

Mobile Learning


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