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eLearning Development Company

ThinkingKap provides comprehensive, professional eLearning development and instructional training solutions designed for a wide-variety of organizations and industries.

Award Winning Results

Our unique approach to training stood above the rest in multiple Articulate Guru including 1st place in the Storyline competition. Both courses leveraged storytelling and put learners in fun, yet realistic situations. These are the same techniques we use with our clients to create engaging and memorable courses that achieve results.
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Just wanted to let you know that we LOVED, LOVED, LOVED what we saw in the course!

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Interactive Conversations

Does your eLearning sound like a lecture?

It doesn't have to!

Introducing Interactive Conversations, self-paced eLearning that feels like a conversation.
  • Responds to meaningful learner choices
  • Remembers learner's previous decisions
  • Analyzes learner's responses to customize their journey
Are you ready to start engaging your learners? Let's go!

Our Services

ThinkingKap has been providing custom corporate training programs, eLearning development services, and instructional design services for more than 10 years. These programs help organizations achieve their business goals, regardless of what they are. Our extensive selection of services works with the unique needs of each client, helping to empower both employees and leadership. We are your expert corporate training specialists.

Fight Boring.

It is not enough to have good employees. Companies need employees who are trained to handle any situation that comes their way. Highly trained employees are more efficient, more productive, and generally happier. You see, this is where ThinkingKap Learning Solutions comes in. We are your corporate training specialists. We view learner engagement as our primary objective and a predictor of successful training. We start with the end in mind and recommend instructional strategies to ensure learners experience a meaningful connection with the content.

No matter how relevant material might be, learners also need an intellectual, visual, and physical connection with the content in order to retain the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Execute new tasks or business processes
  • Improve existing work performance
  • Reduce physical and financial risks
  • Comply with regulatory requirements

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