Connection = Success

At ThinkingKap, we view learner engagement as our primary objective and a predictor of successful training. We start with the end in mind and recommend instructional strategies to ensure learners experience a meaningful connection with the content.

Phase I

Discovery icon


Analyze Needs
Define Objectives
Determine Scope

Design icon


Gather and Organize Content
Select Development Tools
Create Look-and-Feel

Prototype icon


Create Small Functioning Sample
Usability Testing
Test Deployment Configuration

Phase II

Storyboard icon


Create Interactions
Describe Creative Treatment
Compose Narration Script

Production icon


Create Supporting Media
Develop Course in Selected Tool
Publish into Test Environment

Phase III

Evaluation icon


Formative: Quality Assurance Reviews
Summative: Learner Feedback and Evaluation
Confirmative: Knowledge Transfer and Application

Recap icon


Transfer Assets
Assess Project Outcomes

A Holistic Approach

No matter how relevant material might be, learners also need an intellectual, visual, and physical connection with the content in order to retain the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Execute new tasks or business processes
  • Improve existing work performance
  • Reduce physical and financial risks
  • Comply with regulatory requirements