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Instructional Design Services

We offer custom instructional design solutions that bridge the gap between content and understanding in corporate training. The result, engaging learning experiences that empower your new or current employees to learn better, and train more efficiently.

Customize Instructional Design Solutions for Your Employees

Here at ThinkingKap, we’re all about awesome training courses that educate, inspire and motivate your learners! That’s why we pack our courses with top-notch, research-backed strategies that that help bring to life real world scenarios.

Want to know the secret to crafting the perfect training course? It’s all about understanding the “why,” and that’s where our instructional design services come in. We use a unique problem-centered approach, blending psychology and cognitive science research, to create concepts that really stick in your mind. So you don’t just learn – you remember!

When we’re creating designs, we focus on how our brains soak up information and work from there. All our design techniques align with the brain’s unique way of learning, not against it. This makes learning a whole lot more exciting for everyone involved in the course! Whether online, mobile, instructor led, or some Blended Learning combination, it takes a well thought-out design for training to be effective.

Benefits of Custom Corporate Instructional Design Services

A good course design will leave your participant happy. A great instructional design for your course will leave participants feeling assured, motivated, and prepared for each and every situation, improving your team’s productivity and overall mood.

Because a team that understands the material, delivers better results.

However, because of the complexity of adult learning, common methodologies used in course design are often too complex or ill adapted to fit most people’s learning styles. Instructional design helps to eliminate this risk, with thorough learning objective identification and an expertly formulated design strategy that caters to the learner and their needs.

  • Improved Team Motivation
  • Reduced Financial Risk
  • Better User Experience
  • Higher Engagement Rates
  • Streamlines Project Management

What are Instructional Design Services?

Instructional design services are a range of services aimed to help individuals, organizations, or institutions develop effective and engaging instructional materials and experiences in professional and/or corporate settings. Instructional design involves the systematic process of designing, developing, and delivering learning content and experiences to facilitate effective learning outcomes.

Our Approach

ThinkingKap starts every instructional design project envisioning what success looks like by ensuring we have clear learning objectives. These define what someone should be able to do after completing the course, and they form the foundation for the course design. Objectives get at the “what” AND the “why” behind your course.

Learning objectives remain our compass as we navigate this process. By understanding where we’re going, we can see more clearly what is essential, and what isn’t. Come on, admit it, you think ALL your information is important. And maybe it is, but not necessarily to a new learner.

That’s the next design step, to sift through your information to find out, given the audience you’re designing for, what’s important, what isn’t, what’s important but can wait, and what’s the best sequence to present the information to make learning efficient. The goal is to avoid overloading students or “info dumping” at all costs!

The essence of teaching is to support the bridge between what learners know already and what they need to learn. Our design strategies help connect the dots between the knowledge they need and when they need it, in a manner that’s adapted for their context. Too often, designers get in their own way by throwing too much at learners and obstructing the message. We’ll help you design a clear and efficient path to their success.

The benefits of good training are clear. You get better work out of your team, and you face less financial risk from the mistakes that happen when people lack training.

The source of good training is just as clear: Learners get the most out of a course when it’s well designed. A careless design, on the other hand, will cause them to tune out and retain little.

Service in Action

One of our clients wanted help with a project that involved rolling out a family of new building automation products that control critical environments. The challenge was that they had one classroom laboratory already set up with the legacy controllers, and needed to utilize the same laboratory for the new controllers. So, we had two laboratories that needed to share the same physical space and critical environment equipment. We had an existing course to use as a baseline, but no one at the client yet knew exactly how the new controllers would impact the existing instructor material, since product development was in flux. In addition, the client wanted to reduce the length of the course from 4 days to 3 days.

ThinkingKap’s instructional designers became immersed in content analysis of both old and new material to see where there might be overlap and where processes and procedures would vary depending upon which controller – old or new – was installed. This involved comparing product content, workflow processes and procedures, and laboratory layouts. The result was a design strategy that included:

  • Pulling some of the content out of the old ILT course and turning it into eLearning.
  • Reusing critical environment overview content.
  • Creating a lab tour to reinforce and support various types of lab equipment.
  • Creating a case study around the classroom laboratory.
  • Museum placards to identify all laboratory equipment, controllers, and sensors.
  • Recommendations for creating wiring toggles between old and new products.
  • Logistics for equipment needed to support hands-on practice activities.
  • Course map with activities and hands-on lab exercises identified.
  • Gap analysis for identified content, processes, and procedures.

In this case, you can see the instructional designer can end up wearing many different hats. That’s because the designer is concerned about more than just the learning objectives. The designer also has to be concerned about the context and environment in which the training occurs; removing barriers that might get in the way of learning; and doing everything possible to ensure training runs smoothly.

We are Experts in Instructional Design Solutions

At ThinkingKap, we’re focused on changing how corporations view and deliver their training programs. Since 2011, our expert team has worked with a variety of industries to create effective, customized training services that prioritize learning and content absorption. We believe that successful learning should be interesting, fun, and engaging. That’s why a primary objective is to develop a diverse range of programs tailored to each client’s unique needs. We strive to integrate the latest solutions and technologies to fit seamlessly into your corporate environment.

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