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Think of those chat bots you find on some websites, how they ask questions and redirect you accordingly. Now imagine merging that concept with an eLearning course, except with a lot more personality.
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Self-paced eLearning that…

Feels like a conversation

Speaking directly to learners keeps them engaged

No boring lectures here. We put learners in the middle of an interactive dialog with the virtual instructor.

Involves you in the learning process

People learn best when part of the experience

Our Interactive Conversations create the illusion of working directly with a live expert, rather than passively observing.

Learner feedback impacts their training experience

Every learner-provided answer is acknowledged and acted on by the "instructor" in the course.

Gives you control (of the learning experience)

elearning that checks the learner’s understanding

Not every learner grasps new content in the same way, so the course checks that learners are following along before moving to other topics.

Allows learners to dig deeper

If the learner's understanding isn’t clear, they can ask for specific examples, or further clarification.

Learners get caught up in the experience because it feels more dynamic and lifelike than typical eLearning. The course checks for understanding after challenging topics, and provides more details when requested.

Tailors itself to your responses

Alters learner’s path based on their feedback

Learners tailor the learning experience based on their needs, allowing one course to provide different experiences to each learner.

Presents relevant content based on learner input

Interactive Conversations listen to learners, assess their needs, and present them with content and scenarios that are the most relevant to them.

Tons of Personality

eLearning that doesn’t sounds like eLearning

All of our Interactive Conversations have big personalities. Some are conservative and to the point, while others are friendly, chatty, and even funny.

A style matched to your learners

Creating the right training requires matching a style that fits your learners. We can create a solution to match your company's vibe.

It was engaging and interesting. I like that there was some intelligence to it—and that it was tailored to your role. Frieda was the best!

Creates a unique learning experience

eLearning doesn’t have to feel solitary

Interactive Conversations feel like working directly with an instructor, so your self-paced courses won’t make learners feel like they’re on their own.

Interactive one-on-one training when you need it

Your actual human instructors can’t be on-call 24-7, but your Interactive Conversation instructors can be.

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