With complex tools that have many features like Salesforce, there’s a large learning curve for new users.

Not only to they have to figure out how to navigate the software, but they also have to use it correctly (so there are no errors that result in lost sales or damaged relationships.)

So when a client came to us in search of an eLearning course that would help their sales team get more comfortable with using Salesforce, we had our work cut out for us.

The Problem

The main issue our client had with using Salesforce was that users were struggling to use the highly complex tool in the right ways. Because of this, there were frequent errors within the system that were costing precious time and money to fix. They needed an eLearning course to help get their team more familiar with how to use it effectively.

The Fix

We’ve worked closely with training for tools like Salesforce for many years—so we jumped right in using Articulate Storyline. Our goal was to create a training course that felt like the trainer was right by the user’s side, but in a self-paced eLearning format.


One of the things we made sure to include was hands-on experimentation for the learner. We wanted to get them comfortable with entering information and performing tasks within Salesforce, so we set up the training to allow users to actually do the tasks they’d need to perform while on the job.

The screenshot below shows how the learner enters information in the same way they would in their daily roles.



Because we used branched scenarios in which different actions resulted in different outcomes, we wanted to be sure there was always helpful guidance available (no matter what outcome.)

We included an “ask for help” feature that helped learners get through those moments where they felt stuck. Again, always having a resource to call on within the course helped trainees troubleshoot and keep moving through the course.



We wanted users to get a feel for how well their performance was based on their actions within the course, so we also included a scoring system that showed the results at the end of each section.


By including this opportunity to fail, a learner could see where they may have misunderstood a certain feature or module and can keep improving.


Learners who completed the Salesforce training we created saw improvements in how they could use the tool—and those costly errors dropped dramatically.

One client said, “ThinkingKap helped us evaluate our current strategy from top to bottom, and then designed a new training plan around our specific needs. The training courses developed for us were probably the best and most professional material we’ve ever had produced for our company.” 

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