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ThinkingKap provides comprehensive, professional instructional training and eLearning development solutions designed for a wide-variety of organizations and industries.

Award Winning Results

Our unique approach to training stood above the rest in multiple Articulate Guru contests, including 1st place in the Storyline competition. Both courses leveraged storytelling and put learners in fun, yet realistic situations. These are the same techniques we use with our clients to create engaging and memorable courses that achieve results.

Storyline Guru winner
Articulate Guru Award
Top Corporate Online Training Award

Our Services

ThinkingKap has been providing custom corporate training programs and instructional design services for more than 10 years. These programs help organizations achieve their business goals, regardless of what they are. Our extensive selection of services works with the unique needs of each client, helping to empower both employees and leadership.

Corporate Training Consulting

Customized consulting services designed for in-house training and curriculum strategy development.


Expert design solutions created to help bridge the gap between client objectives and outcomes.

eLearning Development

Our premier, seven-step development process helps analyze, build, evaluate, and improve training courses.


Modification and translation solutions for your existing training courses, designed for international teams and non-native English speakers.


We take your existing instructor-led trainings and convert them into eLearning training solutions that are accessible remotely.


Customized design solutions for enhancing your Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses.


Training course solutions that “blend” eLearning solutions with Instructor-Led Training (ILT) to create the perfect learning experience.


Mobile learning (mLearning), is an increasingly expanding training strategy that delivers educational content to users on their mobile devices.

3D animated learning video trains staff on work procedures
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with 3D Animation

Sometimes even the best training solutions can throw a curveball at folks who find it hard to wrap their heads around certain content. That’s where 3D animation has become a revolutionary solution for education.

So, here’s the scoop: at ThinkingKap we’re using interactive simulations and virtual experiences to take learning results to the next level. We start with your subject matter and bring it to life in 3 dimensions. With our 3D training, you get hands-on experience without dealing with the typical risks or costs some real-life situations require. Plus, you’ll be able to explore environments that you wouldn’t normally have access to. How cool is that?

Students will be more equipped to visualize complex concepts, giving them a better chance at retaining new information. They’ll also hone their current skillsets, leading to a more positive, productive, and confident work life.

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Interactive Conversation Solutions

At ThinkingKap, we’re all about delivering eLearning solutions that work for each individual learner, helping to improve information retention and understanding of the material. That’s where Interactive Conversations come in.

Interactive Conversations is our self-paced, personalized eLearning solution that is designed to create a unique learning experience for each student. With Interactive Conversations, eLearning is adapted to feel more conversational, by incorporating self-paced features that help learners feel like they’re a part of the course, and less like they’re in-front of it.

Our engaging eLearning solution offers key, collaborative strategies that are designed to give you control of your learning experience. These strategies keep learners engaged with tailored material that listens to individual needs, and presents personalized content and scenarios learners need to be successful.

Experience Interactive Conversations’ state-of-the-art eLearning solutions that include customized features, such as:

  • Courses with interactive dialogue
  • Immediate learner feedback
  • Consistent learner assessment
  • Personable eLearning “Instructors” and content
A conversation with coworkers in a conference room

Our Principles for Success

At ThinkingKap, we understand that in order to get the most out of your team’s training, you need effective and engaging courses that focus on increasing performance with memorable content.

And, that’s where we come in.

We’re all about making our courses stand out from the crowd; no more boring lectures or dull material. With our 10 engagement principles, we provide you with top-notch training solutions that you can trust and feel excited about.

Envision Success

Have a Plan

Get a Grip

Details Matter

Connect the Dots

Don’t Strain the Brain

Embrace Failure

Reject Boring

Demand Attention

Be Fearless

An eLearning Development & Instructional Design Company Since 2011

Since the day we started, our mission has been to provide high-quality corporate eLearning programs that break the monotony that many employees have to endure every year. Driven by a passion for creative learning methods that are fun and engaging, we’ve helped hundreds of companies around the world grow their business and reach their objectives. All this while helping them build stronger relationships with their clients and employees.

The ThinkingKap crew has been crushing it for over a decade now. We’ve worked with all sorts of industries – tech, healthcare, food, insurance, you name it. Our secret sauce? Customized training solutions that kick organizations into high gear, boosting employee motivation, productivity, and innovation. We’re all about improving the learner experience one course at a time, and trust us, it works like a charm.

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