2015 eLearning Trends: Increased Interactivity

2015 elearning trends

In 2015, trainees have relatively short attention spans—so the page-turner format of eLearning often struggles to hold their interest (and frankly has never been a solid approach). To combat this, many instructional designers are relying on increased interactivity through a variety of features within eLearning courses. Now, this isn’t to say that complex interactive elements…

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2015 eLearning Trends: Personalized Training

personalized training

We’ve talked before about how training for adults requires a unique framework, but the second part of that conversation pivots around the concept of personalization. One size fits all isn’t always the best approach to training, after all. Adults value individualized training that fits their personal learning styles, so it’s no surprise that the 2015…

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2015 eLearning Trends: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

2015 eLearning Trends

Look around. Whether you’re at work, out to dinner, or in a meeting, you’ll notice that people are focused on a variety of devices. Maybe it’s a tablet. Maybe it’s their smartphones. Maybe they’re tapping away on a laptop. In 2015, this trend impacts the eLearning market in that it means designers have to take…

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