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The most important aspect of successful training is learner engagement. No matter how relevant material might be, if learners don't connect with the content, they won't retain it. We strive to create learning moments, which draw in learners and enhance not only their retention, but their ongoing performance as well.

2009 Articulate GURU Winner HIPAA Privacy Compliance

Client Testimonial

“It was by far the best one I’ve taken! I really enjoyed the activity section!”

“Just wanted to tell you that I thought it was great. It was interesting and the personalization to SSC was phenomenal.”

“The training this year was very well done. Kudos...”

Multiple Users:
SPi Healthcare


The client needed to provide effective training on HIPAA regulations that would improve existing low competency scores through interesting, interactive eLearning. Previous classes had been unsuccessful via both live and paper-based courses.


By incorporating real life situational scenarios, ThinkingKap took a different approach to their material by creating a humorous, interactive eLearning course. This included fun quizzing elements when users were placed in a “dyer” situation.


The client saw trainee competency scores dramatically improve, and the feedback from participants was positive. Not only were the participants now better trained to carry out their jobs, but they enjoyed the learning process.

Judge feedback:

“Telling a story that connects with your audience is a proven method for effectively conveying learning material to your users. This course had the potential to be pretty dry — after all, the subject matter is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — but by adding people, telling a story, and even making it funny, the course does a good job educating its users while keeping it light.“ – Articulate Judges

Check out the full write-up on the course.

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Tim is not only personable, but ThinkingKap Learning Solutions has great knowledge of the tools they work with and they work to make sure the fine details are addressed. ThinkingKap can definitely get you moving in the right direction, and offer you great success in your project development.

Robert Kennedy III: RKCS Learning Solutions

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