The process of working with ThinkingKap was extremely collaborative, flexible, and they truly understood our needs. They are great project managers and are truly professionals who produce an outstanding product.

Josh Sturtevant, RW-3


RW-3 had the challenge of presenting subtle, real-world issues like cross-cultural interactions to a diverse, international audience. Previous courses were linear and didn’t properly engage learners. They needed an approach that could simulate the social interactions people would experience with individuals from cultures across the globe.


ThinkingKap Learning used Articulate Storyline to build complex scenario-based games from which eLearners could better understand different cultural decision-making processes. ThinkingKap was able to use more contemporary learning models during the build-out to create interesting challenges.


Through the upgraded approach provided by ThinkingKap Learning’s online coursework development, RW-3’s trainees were able to experience the nuance of crosscultural interactions in more realistic situations. These scenarios put learners in the center of interacting with everyday issues from the perspective of diverse cultures, showing them how everyday situations are perceived very differently around the world. This resulted in deeper understanding for all eLearners.