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Is your content dry and boring?

No matter how dull your topic is, by recognizing what makes a course boring you can improve engagement and help learners succeed.

Our “Tips & Tricks” reference guide will help you to:

  • Learn and apply simple, proven visual design principles
  • Humanize your course with plain language that connects with your learner
  • Diversify learning styles to keep learners engaged
  • Make content relevant and help learners connect information to action
  • And more!
Tips and Tricks to Creating Engaging eLearning - eBook Cover

Capture learners’ attention and bring your courses to life:

LEARN strategies for motivating learners, even when you’re given boring content.

UNDERSTAND what makes a course boring, and what you can do to capture learners’ attention and bring your courses to life.

DISCOVER techniques that convert a course from dry and boring to relevant and engaging.

EXPERIENCE examples of motivating course techniques across a spectrum of dry  topics.

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