How to Identify Performance Gaps

As training professionals, it can be natural for us to try to solve every performance problem with training. But that won’t always give you the results you want. For training to be effective, we need to use it when it’s appropriate, and use other strategies when the situation calls for them. This requires us to identify the real performance gaps in our organization.

Do you know how to identify where your performance gaps exist?

We offer strategies and worksheets in this guide to help you identify and measure performance gaps, and implement the correct solutions to enhance performance.

Image of identify performance gaps ebook

Are you tired of creating training courses that don’t address your performance problems? Do you need help determining the right strategies to improve performance?

Our reference guide How to Identify Performance Gaps is for you!

What’s inside:

  • Identify key factors that influence performance
  • Determine possible causes of your performance gap
  • Quantify gaps and set priorities
  • Determine if training is the right solution
  • And more!

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