Instructional Design for the Greater Good: The Three Forms of Evaluation


Welcome to the completion of week nine as we progress through our 12-week service course, Instructional Design Service Course: Gain Experience For Good. We are entering into the final stages of this course, and at this point, have entered into the Evaluate phase of their design process. Evaluation Phase Last week we developed a prototype so we…

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First Principles of Instruction: An Instructional Design Philosophy

People holding large colored puzzle pieces

As we here at ThinkingKap continue on with the Designing for The Greater Good project-course we’re trying out, this week’s module focused on designing the instructional experience. This week, we focused on Dr. David Merrill and his philosophy, the First Principles of Instruction. The main objective for us was to create eLearning courses that follow…

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Design for the Greater Good: Empathy and eLearning

Analyze, Synthesize, Simulate, Evaluate, Decide

Welcome to week two of 12 on our journey through the Design for the Greater Good Instructional Design online course. This week, we focused on the ‘Analyze’ phase of the design process, learning more about both the learners and the instructional opportunity there. Empathy and eLearning Design The main approach this course uses is called…

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