How to Create Great eLearning Scenarios

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You’ve heard of eLearning scenarios. And maybe you’ve even tried creating some. But did they have the impact you were hoping for? Creating great eLearning scenarios is more than meets the eye. Some people think it’s just good storytelling. While yes, that’s part of it, it’s much more than just stories. Other people think eLearning…

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How to Remove Unconscious Bias for Improved eLearning

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It’s been a privilege for us at ThinkingKap to have worked on as many Diversity & Inclusion courses as we have over the years. I care deeply about accountability and keeping peoples’ biases in check. I pride myself on being an extremely objective person (at times too much so) and would love to think that…

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Your Learners Failed…And That’s a Good Thing

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Did you know that some teachers aren’t allowed to use red pens for making corrections? This concept has been circulating for about a decade now. Red means something is wrong, which can be seen as “too aggressive” and that might hurt someone’s feelings. So teachers are supposed to use a different color, like purple. Doesn’t…

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You Need To Be Learning From Your Training Analytics

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You know your learners are learning something from your courses. After all, that’s what you created them for in the first place. But the real question is: are YOU learning anything from them? Your training analytics can tell you a lot about your courses. You can determine how well or *dare we say* poorly they…

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Why Did My eLearning Course Fail?

elearning success or failure

Creating eLearning is hard. Creating great eLearning is REALLY hard. For some reason, everyone that learns a few things in Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, thinks they’re an eLearning developer on the path to eLearning success.

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How Emotion Can Improve eLearning for Your Learners

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Whether it’s a popular movie, TV show, or YouTube video, they’re all about connecting with our emotions. Some aim to make you cry, others to make you laugh. Either way, it’s this emotion that forms the connection with the media we embrace the most. In fact, that’s the single common ingredient of viral videos. So…

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5 Great Reasons to Move Your Onboarding Training Online

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You’re hiring new employees. You’re (hopefully) training those new employees. But are you being efficient about it? There have been lots of studies that link quality onboarding to not only employee success, but also their tenure. Employees who participate in a structured onboarding process are more likely to succeed at their job and more likely…

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Save Time and Money with eLearning Pre-Tests

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Let’s face it, not everyone is super stoked about taking your latest eLearning course. Whether they’re busy, lazy, feel they already know the information, or are unabashedly anti-learning, sometimes streamlining the path through a course is the best option. In our last article, we talked about failure driving your course content. In this article, we’ll…

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Flip the Script: Allow Failure to Drive Your eLearning Content

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Ever since our school days, the learning and testing pattern has been the same. Study content…take test on content. Even in today’s age of eLearning, that’s still what we see. Present content…knowledge check…more content…final quiz. Guess what, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Depending on the material (and your users) sometimes it makes…

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