How to Storyboard eLearning Courses

White paper and pencil with crumbled up pieces of paper

Think of a storyboard for an eLearning course like a comic strip: Each frame tells a part of a larger story and moves the course along. Without a storyboard, your course can be all over the place. It would look a little something like this: Lesson 1! Irrelevant interactive game! Lesson 5! Pop quiz! Matching…

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Incorporating Storyboard Examples Using Branched Scenarios

Branching Off Road Sign

We love to write eLearning content that leverages story-telling and scenarios as much as possible. Scenarios don’t work in all situations, but when they do, they help engage learners in ways standard monologue presentations never will. Each of the last couple years we’ve spoken at a local conference, the Chicago eLearning Showcase, and presented various…

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