Bet you never realized that a Marvel superhero like Ant-Man has some common ground with eLearning, did you? It’s true!

No, it’s not a multi-million dollar movie deal (although we’d be happy to head up that production.)

The similarities between Ant-Man and eLearning relate more to each other in the super power department.

Let’s take a look at what we mean by that.

Ability to Shrink and Expand

One of Ant-Man’s super powers is the ability to shrink himself down to the size of an ant and then return to normal size. This power of scaling up or down for situations large and small is also one of the reasons training departments love eLearning.

eLearning can accommodate a group of any size. No more putting people on a training wait list when too many enroll or having to wait for a classroom to be full. In this format, companies are able to train a huge group or just one person at a time.

Technologically Advanced

Scott Lang (Ant-Man in human form) is a skilled electronic technician. He understands how electrical engineering works and is crafty with technology and science. Sometimes these skills allow him to accomplish amazing feats, like, you know…break into double fortified safes.

eLearning isn’t going to help you break into a safe, but it does put technology and electronics to good use. Whether it’s delivered on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, or it’s on a full sized desktop computer, eLearning uses technology to let trainees have training when and where they need it.

When made readily available, trainees can call on their eLearning for on-the-job performance support, too, just with a few quick clicks. Thanks, technology!

Communication on Different Levels

Ant-Man can speak to ants and other insects in a way they can understand, but he can also communicate with humans in his normal state. This ability to communicate on different levels and with different entities is also one of the advantages to eLearning.

eLearning can be tailored to effectively train employees at various levels of an organization. While entry-level team members might need more basic training with simpler language, advanced management-level employees might better understand complex situations that require in-depth industry knowledge.

eLearning can do both! These can obviously be produced as separate modules, but with a little know-how, courses can include branching and provide dynamic content to the appropriate audiences.

Subatomic Universes

Ant-Man is able to enter subatomic universes because of his microscopic size. This lets him see the world from a unique perspective that’s outside his realm of normal experience.

eLearning allows learners to step outside their normal perspectives and put themselves in someone else’s shoes, too. Scenario-based learning lets the trainee see him or herself from the outside and perform tasks in a safe and controlled environment (which is kind of like being in another universe, right?)

Ant-Man and eLearning: Similar Super Powers

Who knew a tool like eLearning had such unique and interesting advantages—just like Ant-Man? Make a well-designed course, and you might generate a piece of education that’s just as handsome as Paul Rudd.

Remember: eLearning has super powers. Use them for your business!