ThinkingKap Learning created this solution for us from scratch—and took the time to make sure everything from the design to the material presentation were exactly what we needed and wanted. This translation into eLearning was not only effective, but helped our trainees start communicating and interacting with the material. ThinkingKap is the rare partner that truly tries to hear what their clients want, then does not quit until their client is satisfied.

Teresa Sears, CompTIA


CompTIA previously delivered their certification training largely through in-person classroom style training. This was not only expensive, but had a limited reach in terms of attendance. Training was also too long as it required completion of 19 hours worth of material. Even though they needed to address these issues, they needed to maintain a discussion based element to the learning experience.


Using Articulate Storyline, ThinkingKap Learning created three tailor-made eLearning curriculums. Each curriculum incorporated a variety of interactive opportunities that allowed eLearners to answer questions much in the same way they would in a live class. Training included a workbook for more complex exercises, and the closing capstone course was a live webinar with instructor-led discussion. This blend of resources was scalable, engaging, and tied together all of the training into one seamless eLearning experience.


By transitioning these in-person trainings into an eLearning format, CompTIA was able to reach an entirely new market and they enabled people to take courses at their own pace, all without incurring travel expenses. The increase in student opportunities even allowed them to utilize a launch strategy of promoting the new courses via Groupon to further expand their visibility and market reach.