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The most important aspect of successful training is learner engagement. No matter how relevant material might be, if learners don't connect with the content, they won't retain it. We strive to create learning moments, which draw in learners and enhance not only their retention, but their ongoing performance as well.


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While creating this course, there were many variables that had to be considered—but we found a way to build an interactive course that got excellent feedback from both the company and users. Anytime we can help organizations improve their operations through eLearning, we’ll take on any challenge to make it happen.

Tim Buteyn
ThinkingKap Learning


A medical billing facility dealing with privileged patient information came to ThinkingKap Learning needing a way to train its staff on HIPAA rules and procedures. The course had to teach the dull material to eLearners in a way that was both memorable and engaging.


Built in a similar fashion to ThinkingKap’s 2009 guru award-winning HIPAA course, they used a humorous, light-hearted approach with interesting visuals and interactive features to connect the learners to the subject matter. Thanks to a unique quizzing strategy, knowledge was gauged before and after the course.


Company-wide competency scores for HIPAA regulations were the highest in company history. And because the user’s knowledge base was tested before the course, many facts learners thought were common sense exposed weaknesses when missed. This helped keep participants on their toes throughout the course.

Course Developed in: Articulate Studio

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Tim is not only personable, but ThinkingKap Learning Solutions has great knowledge of the tools they work with and they work to make sure the fine details are addressed. ThinkingKap can definitely get you moving in the right direction, and offer you great success in your project development.

Robert Kennedy III: RKCS Learning Solutions

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