These modules transformed our existing materials into a streamlined and effective eLearning solution. We now have a standardized program that not only saves time and costs but also enhances the competency of our new hires.


Siemens existing training framework was insufficient to equip new hire Sales Executives with the necessary tools and knowledge to evaluate potential customers’ financial situations. The previous training was dispersed across four separate courses and was taught on an as-needed basis, which required instructors to repeatedly adjust their schedules. Due to poor documentation of the content, there was a lack of consistency in the training experience for new hires. Additionally, the fragmented nature of the courses made it difficult for participants to retain and apply the information effectively. Therefore, Siemens needed a more structured and efficient training solution to ensure their sales professionals were adequately prepared.


ThinkingKap restructured the training into three comprehensive online courses, which new hires could complete independently before attending a practical workshop. This workshop was designed to allow them to apply the theoretical knowledge to real-world projects and receive mentor feedback. To enhance understanding, real-life examples were integrated into the courses to clarify complex concepts. The addition of job-aids, guidelines, and best practices helped learners apply the training effectively on the job. Furthermore, final assessments for each course were included to reinforce and solidify the knowledge gained.


The new training format created a consistent learning experience and established a standardized baseline of knowledge for all new hires. New hires were now able to complete the required courses at their own pace, accommodating their individual schedules. This transition to online learning significantly reduced costs by eliminating the need for instructors to constantly prepare and conduct multiple classes. Moreover, the structured approach facilitated better retention and application of knowledge, resulting in more competent and confident sales executives. Ultimately, Siemens benefited from a more efficient onboarding process and a higher caliber of employee training.