Working with ThinkingKap was a great experience for our training program. Their expertise in instructional and graphic design brought our materials to an entirely new level of professionalism and engagement. We have seen a marked improvement in both instructor consistency and participant satisfaction, which has greatly enhanced the value of our Six Sigma Green Belt training.


The client had been delivering Six Sigma Green Belt training both internally to their employees and externally to their customers. However, the course materials they used were sparse and outdated with visuals that were antiquated, reducing the overall effectiveness of the training. The lack of comprehensive instructional guidance meant that each instructor presented the material in their own varied way, leading to inconsistent user experiences across classes. Onboarding new instructors became an arduous task because the materials did not provide adequate detail. Additionally, the unprofessional appearance of the materials made it difficult to convince customers of the training’s value, leaving a less-than-favorable impression.


ThinkingKap took on the challenge by redesigning the entire look and feel of the training materials to make them attractive, engaging, and fully aligned with the client’s brand. A comprehensive Instructor Guide was developed, which included prompts, detailed information, and orienting icons that ensured consistent delivery by all instructors. An engaging Participant Guide was also created, along with numerous new group activities to be integrated throughout the training sessions. These updates provided substantial guidance to instructors, creating a uniform experience for participants. Furthermore, the visual and structural improvements in the materials presented a more professional appearance, enhancing their appeal to customers.


The revamped training materials received an overwhelmingly positive response. The detailed Instructor Guide allowed for consistent delivery across different presenters, making the onboarding process for new instructors both easier and more efficient. Participant engagement significantly increased due to the more compelling content and the introduction of group activities that encouraged collaboration and knowledge sharing. The enhanced quality of the training presentation led to a notable increase in registrations, as customers were more impressed with the professional and engaging materials. Overall, the training program’s effectiveness and appeal were significantly improved, resulting in greater satisfaction from both instructors and participants.