ThinkingKap’s innovative approach to eLearning, especially with the creation of Frieda, has completely changed how we handle this complex Firewall topic. The customized, Interactive Conversation format has not only improved engagement but has also ensured a deeper understanding of essential compliance guidelines.


Our client manages two distinct organizations: one focused on certifying healthcare organizations and the other providing consultation services to ensure compliance. To avoid any perception that consulting is a prerequisite for certification, it is essential to maintain a strict separation of information—an “Information Firewall.” This firewall is a complex and nuanced topic, yet it is imperative for everyone within both organizations to understand what it is, why it exists, and how to adhere to its guidelines in various situations.


Given the intricate and dry nature of the Information Firewall topic, we developed an engaging eLearning course using ThinkingKap’s Interactive Conversation strategy. Central to this approach was Frieda, a dynamic and interactive character who served as the narrator, which stands in stark contrast to traditional monologue-style presentations. Frieda not only exhibited a lively personality, but also engaged with learners by prompting and responding to them throughout the course. She tested comprehension, offered additional information when required, and remembered learners’ previous responses. This interactive method made Frieda feel more like a real person, providing a curated and personalized learning experience that resonated well with each individual user.


This Firewall course has become the highest-rated program we have ever developed. Learners absolutely adore Frieda. Reflecting on typical learner experiences with compliance courses, it is rare to find such enthusiasm and engagement. However, in this course, learners remained fully engaged due to the innovative and human-centric presentation style. Frieda’s interactive nature allowed her to “interview” each participant, and present them with real-world scenarios that were pertinent to their specific job roles. This level of customization made each learner feel as though the course was uniquely designed for them, significantly enhancing its effectiveness and relevance.