Collaborating with ThinkingKap has been an excellent experience. Their expertise in instructional design and customized training solutions transformed our approach and significantly improved our service delivery. We highly recommend their consulting services to any organization seeking to enhance their training programs.


Labelmaster needed to evolve their off-the-shelf courses, developed using Lectora, while also creating customized training solutions tailored to individual customer requirements. They were uncertain if Lectora was the optimal tool for achieving these customizations efficiently. Additionally, Labelmaster lacked established procedures and standards to guide the customization process. There was a pressing need to determine which eLearning tool would best serve their objectives, how to balance customization with standardization, and how to appropriately price their customized services. This complex challenge required a strategic approach to ensure both quality and profitability in their offerings.


ThinkingKap initially engaged with Labelmaster as consultants to conduct a thorough evaluation of their existing training program. We performed an in-depth analysis of their eLearning requirements and concluded that switching to Articulate Storyline would better facilitate their customization needs. Following this, we assisted Labelmaster in creating robust standards and specific procedures to ensure that their custom development services were both repeatable and profitable. We also guided them in determining the best way to position and price their customized training services in the marketplace. Throughout the project, we provided support in addressing operational and strategic aspects of their training program.


Labelmaster’s newly customized training solutions have proven to be a tremendous success. As a result of our consulting engagement, they achieved the optimal balance between standardizing content for efficiency and allowing for customer-specific customizations. The project also helped clarify and define the best roles for their team members based on their unique needs and skill sets. This allowed Labelmaster to concentrate on understanding their clients and managing their content, while ThinkingKap took charge of developing customizations and implementing annual regulation updates. Overall, the project significantly enhanced their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.