While the software simulation tipped the scales in favor of this course, we also loved that Tim and his team showcased so many of Storyline’s other key features. They relied on slide layers, triggers, and states to develop personalized feedback and compelling interactivity, even within the software simulation. They used form-based and free-form quizzing to assess learners and, in one case, branch learners between jobs. They powered nuanced scoring and realistic course branching with variables. And they tapped Storyline’s characters to connect learners with the material.

Articulate Judges, Articulate


This demonstration course was developed to help showcase the benefits of scenario-based eLearning within a sales position.


This course included everything from simulated sales calls with nine different outcomes to job performance reviews. Trainees could even ask for hints in different situations and were provided five different endings based on their training performance.


By using an online training like this one, sales staff can get a better grasp on what tactics are effective for achieving a high level of success.

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