Collaborating with ThinkingKap to develop our eLearning course on fume hoods in Critical Environments has been a great experience. The immersive 3D animations and 360⁰ views made the training both engaging and highly effective, giving our technicians a robust foundational understanding to build upon.


Siemens was facing a challenge preparing technicians to effectively interact with lab room and fume hood controls, necessitating a strong foundational understanding of the relevant vocabulary and concepts. Training was not provided under one course, but instead was scattered throughout many different resources, making it difficult for technicians to grasp the necessary information. This disjointed approach particularly hindered new hires, who needed a more cohesive and accessible training regimen to get up to speed. Additionally, Siemens recognized the urgent need for an online curriculum that could supplement their existing Critical Environment (CE) training and ensure a wider reach to more technicians. Consequently, Siemens sought the development of an eLearning course to address these gaps, streamline training processes, and enhance overall technician proficiency in critical environments.


In response to Siemens’ challenges, we developed a comprehensive baseline course designed to provide technicians with a cohesive understanding of lab room and fume hood controls. The course features immersive 3D animations and 360⁰ views, creating lifelike environments that enable technicians to familiarize themselves with the equipment in a realistic setting. These visual and interactive elements enhance the learning experience, making complex concepts more accessible and easier to grasp. To ensure that the knowledge gained is retained, the course concludes with a final assessment aimed at solidifying understanding and measuring proficiency. This integrated approach ensures that new hires and existing technicians alike can achieve a strong foundational knowledge, thereby improving their effectiveness in Critical Environment settings.


Our innovative solution utilizing 3D animations and 360⁰ views significantly enhanced the effectiveness and engagement of the training program, making learning more immersive and stimulating for technicians. By offering a visually dynamic learning experience, we were able to provide a solid foundation of knowledge on lab room and fume hood controls. This solid foundational knowledge prepared technicians more effectively for advanced courses and further on-the-job training. Overall, our eLearning course not only streamlined Siemens’ training process, but also ensured a higher level of competency and readiness among their new and existing technicians.