ThinkingKap created a high-quality, blended training solution that not only met our immediate needs during the pandemic, but also enhanced our overall training efficiency. We look forward to continued collaboration with ThinkingKap for our future training projects.


Siemens faced the challenge of equipping new project estimators with the technical knowledge required to accurately interpret plans and specifications while generating cost-effective estimates that comply with job requirements. Travel restrictions and social distancing measures imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated converting their week-long, in-person course to a remotely deliverable format. Although some instructional materials already existed, the primary concern was ensuring that the complex and technical content was comprehensively covered. Additionally, it was crucial to provide participants with ample hands-on practice and instructor interaction to effectively apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills. Balancing these elements in a remote learning environment was a significant challenge that needed to be overcome.


To address Siemens’ needs, ThinkingKap utilized a blend of existing course materials and newly developed web-based modules, incorporating both web-based and virtual instructor-led components. This approach enabled the development of a multi-day workshop in which learners from various locations could enhance their estimating skills. By leveraging web-based learning, participants received a consistent and thorough understanding of the technical content. Virtual instructor-led sessions provided opportunities for hands-on practice and direct interaction with instructors. This blended learning solution successfully created a cohesive remote training experience, replicating the benefits of the in-person course while accommodating the constraints of the pandemic.


The newly developed course allowed learners from diverse geographical regions to partake in the workshop without the necessity of travel. This not only reduced travel-related expenses but also made it feasible to offer the course to smaller groups instead of waiting for a larger minimum headcount. With the majority of the technical content delivered through web-based modules, instructors could concentrate their time on helping learners apply their knowledge to job-specific tasks. As a result, the overall efficiency and impact of the training were significantly enhanced. Ultimately, the solution provided a highly effective, flexible, and scalable approach to meet the training needs of Siemens’ project estimators.