ThinkingKap’s eLearn Blog is BACK!

Woman wearing jeans jacket and thumbs

Have you been feeling like something has been missing in your life over the last year and a half? Has something just felt mysteriously unfulfilling? Never fear, the eLearn blog has returned to the airwaves! Things have been crazy busy working on client projects and such, but we’re BEYOND ready to return to giving back…

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Path-Goal Theory: How to Use it in eLearning Courses

path-goal theory

In 1971, Robert J. House shared his Path-Goal Theory. Basically, it means that in order for leaders to be effective, they need to encourage and support their students so that they feel comfortable in the learning environment. The very technical definition is here. This theory is valuable for eLearning designers because it identifies four leadership…

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The Night Before Christmas at ThinkingKap Learning

Christmas ornaments

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a learner was clicking a single mouse. The training was completed, and computers sat bare in hopes that a new eLearning course soon would be there. The employees were nestled all snug in their chairs, while visions of matching terms danced together in pairs….

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