Deliver on eLearning Promises: Lessons from Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Experiment

Jimmy Kimmel smiling

For the past four years, Jimmy Kimmel has asked parents to trick their kids into thinking that they’ve eaten all of their hard-earned Halloween candy—and to film it. The reactions from kids are both heartbreaking and funny, with responses that range from irate scolding to disappointed tears. Most of the time, the kids are just…

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5 Ways to Make Scenario-Based eLearning More Effective

Young female hand show five fingers.

Have you ever wondered, “Isn’t there a better way to approach this eLearning course? Are people really getting enough out of what we’re teaching?” If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you might want to consider using scenarios. Sometimes this can be intimidating to some people. Almost everyone realizes that a standard content dump is not…

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Using the Retail Education Model for Effective Learning

Hipster Man Turning Opening Sign on Door Coffee Shop

When it comes to effective learning in an online setting, many organizations and companies are asking themselves, “Where do I even begin?” Because eLearning has become such an essential part of training and on-going education (especially in the retail industry), we spent a lot of time formulating an answer to that question. After all, eLearning…

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