5 Great Reasons to Move Your Onboarding Training Online

New employee puzzle piece

You’re hiring new employees. You’re (hopefully) training those new employees. But are you being efficient about it? There have been lots of studies that link quality onboarding to not only employee success, but also their tenure. Employees who participate in a structured onboarding process are more likely to succeed at their job and more likely…

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Save Time and Money with eLearning Pre-Tests

Hourglass And Benjamin Franklin Portrait On One Hundred Dollar Bill

Let’s face it, not everyone is super stoked about taking your latest eLearning course. Whether they’re busy, lazy, feel they already know the information, or are unabashedly anti-learning, sometimes streamlining the path through a course is the best option. In our last article, we talked about failure driving your course content. In this article, we’ll…

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Flip the Script: Allow Failure to Drive Your eLearning Content

Child with chalkboard dunce cap

Ever since our school days, the learning and testing pattern has been the same. Study content…take test on content. Even in today’s age of eLearning, that’s still what we see. Present content…knowledge check…more content…final quiz. Guess what, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Depending on the material (and your users) sometimes it makes…

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10 Awesome Training Engagement Techniques from the Last Year

Learn Something New calendar note

Wow! As we mentioned yesterday, it’s been a LONG time since we blogged, so it feels good to stretch our typing fingers and re-enter the interweb once again. We may have taken a hiatus from blogging, but everything else has been full steam ahead here at ThinkingKap. So, to jump start our return, we thought…

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5 Tough Questions You Need to Be Able To Answer About Implementing eLearning

implementing eLearning

Implementing eLearning is a great way to improve your training department. But the process itself involves some work. If you’re not prepared, you can invest time and money into a course that doesn’t do all of the things you need it to do. To help you through the getting started process, we’ve outlined five tough…

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Fully Restricting Navigation For eLearning Courses

rusted lock

A while back, we talked about how to partially restrict navigation when using a custom menu. Partial restriction for that example simply means requiring the user to, at minimum, click through each slide included in a menu topic before being able to move on to the next menu topic. Today, we’re going to talk about…

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The Right Narrator Can Bring Your eLearning Course to Life

elearning narrator

Think the narrator of your eLearning course isn’t all that important? Think again. The voice that accompanies your content can make a major impact on not only how successful the course is at teaching, but how it is perceived overall. Amateur audio/narration is easy to spot. Do you want to send up a red flag…

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Medium is the Message in Retail Training

Warehouse interior

It is widely accepted that technology advances in recent years are shaping the future of retail. Retailers no longer have one brick and mortar connection point with customers. Rather retailers (large and small) are using both physical and multiple digital channels to stay engaged with customers.   The Medium is the Message in Retail Training…

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Partially Restricting Navigation for eLearning Courses

Partial Nav No Title

Whenever we work with a new client to develop eLearning courses, one of our topics of discussion includes what level of freedom they want their learners to have navigating the course. Is the learner able to skip around and visit any part of the course in any order? Or should the navigation require them to…

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Articulate Storyline Features You Need to Be Using: Part 2

articulate storyline features

In the first part of our Articulate Storyline features outline, we went through the first seven Articulate Storyline features we think will save you a TON of time. Now let’s get to the second batch. Eyedropper The eyedropper tool has been around in a ton of tools for a very long time, but it doesn’t…

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