ThinkingKap helped us evaluate our current strategy from top to bottom, and then designed a new training plan around our specific needs. The training courses developed for us were probably the best and most professional material we’ve ever had produced for our company.


Salesforce users were struggling to use this complex tool due to its highly customizable nature. Because they didn’t fully understand how to use the tool, the result was many data errors and inefficient workflows. Past training solutions were very dry and not successful in educating users.


We created a strategy that emulated the “trainer over your shoulder” approach — but in an eLearning format. Learners were able to input the information they needed and then perform actual tasks—so the training was highly relevant to the user. This forced participants to think about how they would apply these trainings in a work scenario.


The “on the job” feeling from the course was highly successful at training Salesforce users to use the tool in a way that made sense for their needs. The opportunity to fail created a higher engagement with the material—and improved how well they could actually use the tool in a realistic environment.