Medium is the Message in Retail Training

Warehouse interior

It is widely accepted that technology advances in recent years are shaping the future of retail. Retailers no longer have one brick and mortar connection point with customers. Rather retailers (large and small) are using both physical and multiple digital channels to stay engaged with customers.   The Medium is the Message in Retail Training…

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Show, Tell, Watch, Coach, Repeat: Retail Sales Floor Training

Grocery store workers

On-the-job training is not restricted to use on the retail floor. The principles described in this article are applicable to any industry or work environment to ensure consistent results from the use of on-the-job training. The Right Approach I sometimes refer to on-the-job training approaches as “Sit with Sam,” “Follow Fred,” or “Watch Wanda.” The…

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Smile, Take a Bath, and Tuck in Your Shirt: Retail Training Essentials?

Man and woman looking at piece of paper, taking notes on clipboard

I heard a conference speaker once say that their biggest training challenge was getting their theme park employees to tuck in their shirts and pull up their sagging pants. The host of the quirky Been My Pleasure YouTube channel (for food service professionals) recently shared with me his frustration in getting some servers to understand…

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Retail Training: Why Bother?

Retail checkout counter

I was recently having lunch with a former client contact and reminiscing about the project we had worked on together. In the course of the conversation, I asked how training is viewed at the retailer for whom he currently works who happens to have a rather large training department. You might imagine my surprise when…

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Improving Customer Service and Retail Training with mLearning

Retail Training with Mobile Learning

Smartphones are no longer the way of the future—they’re the way of right now. Today, there are 2.6 billion people using a handheld device to check email, to work on projects, and to communicate with friends and family. By 2020, there may be 6.1 billion people using smartphones. But it’s not just individuals who benefit…

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